***** Attention all Go-Kart teams*****

The 2018 season is in the books.  However, preparations for 2019 are in full swing.   

2019 is going to bring some changes to karting.  On the 10th of November there will be a meeting for all teams that intend on competing weekly or even just a single event at the Brockville Ontario Speedway.   

This meeting will take place at the Cedar Valley golf course starting at 1 pm sharp.   Everyone that will be either racing or involved in karting should attend.  

This will be YOUR chance to have your voice heard by the new race director, Steve Barber.   

Everyone in attendance will have a chance to have their voice heard for comments and concerns going forward with karting.    

If you intend on attending please indicate in the comments if you will be and how many people will be attending with you so that we have an idea on numbers, OR email the track tigger@ripnet.com   

We look forward to seeing everyone there.