BOS Safety Bulletin (Nov 26, 2018)

Mandatory Safety Equipment Required for All Support Classes

As it was noted opening night and throughout the 2018 season, Safety is and will be #1

When 2018 started the review of safety equipment started. The announcement in early June that SFI 3.3 labeled gloves would be mandatory in July 2018 for all classes. We thank you all for stepping up to meet this requirement, as personal safety equipment is number one priority.

It was also announced at several pit meetings during August that starting the 2019 season that the next phase in required safety equipment will be mandatory for all support divisions, the announcement was to give you enough notice and time to prepare for the 2019 season. Changes from handout are highlighted in BOLD 

With the loss of some of our racing family that took place tragically during the 2018 racing season across North America.  We at the BOSS must ensure we take the appropriate measure that all our racing family at the BOS have the maximum requirements with personal safety equipment.

2019 Mandatory Safety Equipment for All Support Classes

1) 5-point safety belts must be SFI 16.5 or SFI 16.1 and a Maximum 2 years from the date of manufacture

2) Helmets with minimum Snell SFI 31.1 2010 or 2015 label

3) Fire Suit with minimum SFI 3.2A/5 and display valid SFI 3.2A/5 label

4) Fire resistant shoes required to meet minimum SFI 3.3 specifications and display SFI 3.3 label


5) Driver gloves SFI 3.3


To ensure we meet all the expectations there will be “No Grace Period” for the mandatory safety equipment and will be strictly enforced starting at the practice sessions prior to opening night.


Modified/Sportsman/Rookie Sportsman will continue to follow the 2019 DIRTCar rule book for safety requirements


358’s owners/drivers watch for DIRTcar press release in early December, that onboard fire system will be mandatory in 2019.


Notice to All Divisions

Transponders and One-Way receivers will be mandatory starting at the practice sessions. This will benefit all to ensure all devices are in working order prior to opening night.


Transponders are mandatory for all classes. Each car must have its own transponder and be register to that driver. Transponders must be working every time entering the track. Driver will be notified over the one-way if the transponder is not working. It is very important to ensure your transponder is working properly weekly to avoid any scoring issues. There will be a minimal grace period to repeat offenders with transponder problems. It will come to the point really quick, if the transponder issue is not addressed by repeat offenders you will not be scored and will affect you at the pay window, it’s that simple. You will be informed at Driver Registration table if your grace period has expired.

One-Way Receivers

One-way receivers will continue to be mandatory in all divisions as the receivers are a safety tool for everyone. If you do not have a one-way receiver you will not be allowed to enter the track. If you’re in the staging lane or in your pit with your one-way on and you don’t hear any communication, pretty good chance you have a problem. Ensure you have fresh batteries prior to the start of each night. Ear buds used with the one-way receiver can play a key role in how the communication is received. With all the in-car noises be selective in the style of ear buds used, as the one-way system is a mandatory safety tool for everyone. A couple ear buds that are recommended to receive the communication better are pictured below.

Any question regarding the above information, email Mike at