By Jim Bourdon

After weeks of weather issues, points racing finally gets underway at the BOS…

Colby Butcher took the lead in the Box Stock First Year feature and easily distanced himself from the rest of the field. Brock Beattie struggled to find the handle on the high side and drew the caution as a result a couple of times. After each restart, Butcher was able to getaway from the field, Carter Bingley ran second for the entire race and seemed destined for the runner-up spot, until Butcher lost the handle coming of turn four to take the white flag. Although able to gather it up, Bingley was able to sneak by and led the final lap to take the win ahead of Butcher and Adrianna Winters.

Bryson Winters paced the field in Box Stock Second Year, while the battle was on for the second and third positions. This led to Declin Slinger to spin while fighting for the number three spot. Winters would continue to lead after the restart and the battle would rage on behind him. Melcolm Banks held strong to second and on the last lap, as Winters and Banks would cross the line first and second, Max McBride and Rhylan Poole would get together contesting the number three position. McBride would spin off turn two and Poole would go on to cross the line in the number three position.

In the Rookie 2 feature, Landen Slinger would take the lead early, but Blayden Arquette would work into the lead coming off turn two on the second lap. Shortly after three karts would come together, drawing the caution. From the restart, Arquette would continue to lead while the fight would go on behind, with Daniel Skidders and Gordie Miller finding their way into second and third, respectively, by lap eight. They would cross the finish line in that order to complete the feature.

Blake Smith took the initial lead in the Junior Sportman feature, but by lap two, Graysen Reddick would take over the top spot. Dylan Moore worked into the runner up spot by lap four. Reddick would go on to dominate the rest of the feature and take the win ahead of Moore and Smith.

In the Junior Restricted feautre, Braxton D’Alessio  would lead from the green. A four kart battle for the second position, would eventually see Brennan  Moore take the spot on lap four. On lap nine, Kalen Draper and Tyler Stewart, would get together bring out the yellow flag. They would get together again on lap eleven to bring out another caution.  A lap 14 spin by Marco McCarthy would set up a one lap shootout. While first and second would remain unchanged, some great action on the last lap would see, Jacob Herbison keep cool and come home third behind winner, D’Alessio and Moore.

The Stock Heavy Feature would see Zach Renaud and Raymond David run away from the field. Meanwhile, Randy Revelle had to start from the rear of the field after almost missing the start of the feature. Revelle would work his way to the number four spot by lap 12. He would continue there until coming for the white flag as he would finally take the number three position from Tim Bailey and go on to finishe behind Renaud and David.



Carter Bingley

Colby Butcher

Adrianna Winters

Brock Beattie


Bryson Winters

Melcolm Banks

Rhylan Poole

Declin Slinger

Max McBride


Blayden Arquette

Daniel Skidders

Gordie MIller

Max Petro

Carson Jakielaszek

Landen Slinger

Garren Taylor

Elyana Petro

Brody Johnson

Burke Davis


Graysen Reddick

Dylan Moore

Blake Smith

Gabe Miller

Kegan Elliott


Braxton D’Alessio

Brennan Moore

Jacob Herbison

Marco McCarthy

Tyler Stewart

Trent Wallace

Mason Barkley

Kalen Draper

Noah Massey


Zach Renaud
Raymond David

Randy Revelle

Tim Bailey

Dylan Tinkler

Brad Gipson

Mark Bailey

Adam Bailey

Shawn Bolton

Jeff Cledgette