The second night of Kart racing at The BOS, saw some great battles.

First up was the Box Stock division, Colby Crawford would lead a tough field to the start and lead early. By lap two, it was Carter Bingley taking over the number one spot. Meanwhile, Brandon Lazore, was working through traffic at a torrid pace. By lap four, Lazore had worked his way to the lead. The yellow would fly on lap seven for Nathan Kouk, who got out of shape in turn two. Lazore would lead at the restart and take the checkers ahead of Bingley and Melcolm Banks. However, a technical infraction would result in Lazore being disqualified, giving the win to Bingley. Banks would be awarded second and Rhylan Poole credited with

Rookie 1 was up next and Callie Neddow-Lutz would take the lead quickly over Avery Raabe. She would continue to lead to lap five, when she should spin while leading. On the restart, Raabe would lead and a lap later the caution would wave once again as Neddow-Lutz would get out of shape again. When the green came back out, it was once again, Raabe leading and would do so until lap nine, when Neddow-Lutz would re-take the lead. Neddow-Lutz would go on to take the win over Raabe.

In the Rookie 2 feature, Adam Kouk would lead the field into turn one from the initial start, but by the end of lap one, Burke Davis would assume the lead. Brody Johnson, would have a turn at the top spot by lap three and would go on to a commanding lead. The caution would come out on lap 14, when Savannah
Parks ride lost power, ending her night. This would set up a one lap shootout But Johnson would not be denied and go on to win over Davis and Kouk. Junior Clones would be a battle of the 18’s, as Blake Smith would lead the field from the start. Meanwhile, Jordan wood had started fifth and was determined to get to the front. By lap six, he would do just that, wrestling the lead away from Smith. A caution on lap 10 for Ayden Vandeligt, would regroup the field. Wood would maintain the lead and go on to take the checkers ahead of Smith and Dylan Moore.

Brennan Moore would lead the Junior Restricted division from the drop of the green flag. A strong run, would be slowed only once on lap six, for Max Petro. The field would have another shot at him, but Moore wasn’t having it and would go on to take home the win ahead of Carson Jakielaszek and Blayden Arquette.

The Stock Heavy Feature saw great action all through the field. Zach Renaud would take the lead on the start, but behind him the action was furious, as the field went four wide down the backstretch! By lap five the caution would fly for Adam Bailey. Renaud would lead on the restart, but the hard racing would continue behind him and the caution would fly once again for Mason Barkley. On the restart, Renaud would lead again. The caution would once again wave on lap 10 and on this restart, Noah King would wrestle into the top spot. A lap 11 caution for Shawn Bolton, would slow the pace once more. King would maintain the lead on the restart, but as the laps wound down, he would face mounting pressure and on lap 14 would surrender the lead to Tim Bailey, who would lead the final lap and take the win ahead of King and Brad Gipson.


Box Stock
Carter Bingley
Melcolm Banks
Rhylan Poole
Colby Crawford
Brock Beattie
Nathan Kouk
Brandon Lazore (DQ)

Rookie 1
Callie Neddow-Lutz
Avery Raabe
Owen Payne (DNS)

Rookie 2
Brody Johnson
Burke Davis
Adam Kouk
Savannah Parks

Junior Clone
Jordan Wood
Blake Smith
Dylan Moore
Ayden Vandeligt

Junior Restricted
Brennan Moore
Carson Jakielaszek
Blayden Arquette
Max Petro

Stock Heavy
Tim Bailey
Noah King
Brad Gipson
Zach Renaud
Randy Revelle
Eric Dinelle
Mason Barkley
Jeff Cledgette
Shawn Bolton
Adam Bailey
Ryan Lambert