By: Tim Baltz – The 11th annual Loud ‘n’ Dirty Brand Fall Nationals took center stage at the Brockville Ontario Speedway Friday night and despite cool temperatures for night number one the racing made up for it as drivers up on the wheel, on a fast race track.

Jack Lehener took advantage of his pole starting spot at the start of the Big Block Modified Super DirtCar Series 100 lap contest with Billy Decker, and Larry Wight giving chase early on. On lap 3 Luke Whitteker broke the front end on his car and was unable to steer it on the back stretch as Brian McDonald was collected in the process. Both drivers went to the pits done for the night. When the green flew Lehner again fended off challenges from Billy Decker and Larry Wight as he held the lead and began to drive away from the field. Behind Decker and Wight, 4th place Demetrios Drellos was in a battle with two time Fall Nationals Super DirtCar Series winner Danny Johnson. The Doctor would make his way by and make a charge for the top 3. On lap 24 Billy Decker saw a great run go away as a suspension part broke on the right rear. He would head pit side and make repairs but had a long way to go to make it to the front. The story of the night however was Jack Lehner as he continued to fight off repeated challenges from Larry Wight with Danny Johnson, Matt Sheppard and Demetrios Drellos completing the top 5. On lap 34 a scary moment saw Erick Rudolph jump the cushion in turn one causing him to flip several times. Rudolph would climb out under his own power and would be ok. On the restart Lehner again would hold a strong lead over Wight, Sheppard, Michael Maresca and Danny Johnson. As the laps clicked off Lehner began to get faster and tried to pull away but the yellow flew on lap 46 for Michael Maresca as he broke while running 4th. Lehner would take the lead once again but Matt Sheppard was on the charge and searching for the lead on a super fast race track. On lap 76 Super Matt wasted no time taking the lead and began to author a dominating performance. As the laps clicked off Sheppard extended his lead to over a straight away as Larry Wight, Mat Williamson, Jack Lehner and Ryan Godown completed the top 5. After many tough nights and second place finishes Matt Sheppard would check Brockville off the bucket list as he claimed his 9th Super DirtCar Series win of the year and 1st at Brockville. Larry Wight would hold on to 2nd with Billy Whittaker Cars 200 champion Mat Williamson 3rd, Billy Decker charged from the back to 4th while Jack Lehner scored a best ever series finish of 5th.

The DirtCar Sportsman Series was set to go for 50 laps and Kevin Root and Kyle Inman were looking to settle a series title. Brad Rouse would lead the stout field early on over Kevin Root, Jackson Gill, Kyle Inman and Brianna Ladouceur. Through the opening laps it was a spirited battle between both Rouse and Root as they traded the lead several times in the opening 15 laps. Root would hold the lead on lap 19 and the top two would battle side by side. On lap 34 the yellow would fly for Thomas Cook as he experienced problems in turns 1 and 2. On the restart it was still Root and Rouse continuing their great battle as behind them Jackson Gill Matt Janczuk and Brianna Ladouceur along with Johnathon Ferguson continued a spirited battle for position with Ferguson making his way to the top 5 with a fast race car. Ferguson continued his march to the front as he started to pick of some quality cars getting by Ladouceur and Janczuk to move into the top three but still had to run down Root and Rouse as they continued to battle for the lead. On a lap 43 restart Johnathon Ferguson got what he wanted as he charged by both Brad Rouse and Kevin Root to take over the lead and begin to run away and hide. Over the finals laps it was no contest as Johnathon Ferguson would claim his third career DirtCar Sportsman Series win, 5th of the year at Brockville and the Ogilvie’s Auto and Fleet Sportsman Triple Crown Championship in the process. Brad Rouse would cross in 2nd over Kevin Root who’s third place effort was more than enough to lock up his 2nd straight title with Matt Janczuk coming from the last chance showdown to finish while Brianna Ladouceur would round out the top 5.

The 30 lap DirtCar Pro Stock Series race saw a battle for the lead between two former Street Stock Champions at Brockville. Five Time track champion Kevin Fetterly Jr. and Two time champion Tyler Bushey would lead the way and have a great battle in the opening laps with Stephane Lebrun, Bruno Richard and points leader CD Beauchamp completing the top 5. Fetterly and Bushey were the dominant drivers but a mistake in turn two on lap 14 saw Fetterly slip off the top side of turn two allowing Tyler Bushey to grab the lead and the yellow flag flew. On the restart Tyler Bushey was able to fend off challenges from Stephane Lebrun with Eric Jean Louis, Jay Corbin and Marc Lalonde rounding out the top 5. Bushey has only made a handful of starts in a Pro Stock but looked like a seasoned veteran as he pulled away to a half straight away lead as Stephane Lebrun tried his best to hold back Jay Corbin as they battled for the number two spot with Lalonde and Eric Jean Louis completing the top 5. After several wins in Street Stock, Tyler Bushey would dominate the final laps to score what he said in victory lane as the biggest win of his career with his first DirtCar Pro stock Series win in just his 2nd ever start on the tour. Stephane Lebrun would cross in 2nd with Jay Corbin, Marc Lalonde and Eric Jean Louis completing the top 5. CD Beauchamp’s 6th place run was good enough to secure his first DirtCar Pro Stock Series championship.

The 30 lap Mini Stock Invitational saw a great battle in the opening laps and Dustin Bode led early on over Danic Sylvestre, Alexis Charbonneau, Yanik Potvin and James Clarke giving chase. Sylvestre had a great car in the opening laps and was looking like the clear favorite but mechanical issues would side line him and end his great drive. On the restart Alexis Charbonneau would take the lead with James Clarke, Jamie Larocque, Jared Galway and Marc Dagenais making up the top 5. Charbonneau had a fast car as the top 5 battled hard in the closing laps. On lap 28 a scary moment occurred in turn 4 as opening night winner Jared Galway would take a violent flip in turn 4 while running in the top 5. The race was red flagged and deemed official giving Alexis Charbonneau his first Brockville win and first at the Fall Nationals. James Clarke, Jamie Larocque, Marc Dagenais and Adam Feiler would complete the top 5. Galway was alert and talking to medical officials following the accident. He would be taken to local hospital for further evaluation.

Super DirtCar Series (100 laps)

MATT SHEPPARD, Larry Wight, Mat Williamson, Billy Decker, Jack Lehner, Ryan Arobuthnot, Mike Mahaney, Mario Clair, Danny Johnson, Tim Fuller, Peter Britten, Steve Bernard, Yan Bussiere, Jimmy Phelps, Paul St. Sauver, Demetrios Drellos, Michael Maresca, JF Corriveau, Erick Rudolph, Tim O’Brien, Marcus Dinkins, Brian McDonald, Kyle Dingwall, Carey Terrance, Luke Whitteker

Billy Wittaker Cars and Trux Fast Time: Carey Terrance 14.418

Heat Winners: Matt Sheppard, Larry Wight, Michael Maresca and Demetrios Drellos

Last Chance Showdowns: Peter Britten and Kyle Dingwall

DirtCar Sportsman Series (50 laps)

JOHNATHON FERGUSON, Brad Rouse, Kevin Root, Matt Janczuk, Brianna Ladouceur, Michel Dusseault, Cedric Gauvreau, William Racine, Thomas Cook, Dan Ferguson, Xavier Andrews, Ryan Scott, Brian Comeau, Mark Yorker, Jackson Gill, Even Racine, Kyle, Inman, Jessica Power, Justin Desrosiers, Felix Murray, Samuel Charland, Jon Mills, Gorden Clair, Adam Rozon, Chris Mackey, Alan Fink, Tyler Reynolds, Jonah Lewis, Jarrett Herbison, Dylan Kirkland

Fast Time: Kyle Inman 15.115

Heat Winners: Johnathon Ferguson, Kyle Inman, Thomas Cook, Chris Mackey and Ryan Scott

Last Chance Showdowns: Matt Janczuk and Justin Desrosiers

Series Champion: Kevin Root

DirtCar Pro Stock Series (30 laps)

TYLER BUSHEY, Stephane Lebrun, Jay Corbin, Marc Lalonde, Eric Jean Louis, CD Beauchamp, Burton Ward, Martin Michaud, Brian Carter, Lee Miller, Kevin Fetterly Jr., Yves Hamel, Sebastien Hebert, Bruno Richard, Steve Brady

Fast Time: Tyler Bushey 16.641

Heat Winners: Stephane Lebrun and Marc Lalonde

Series Champion: CD Beauchamp

Mini Stock (30 laps)

ALEXIS CHARBONNEAU, James Clarke, Jamie Larocque, Marc Dagenais, Adam Feiler, Brian Cross, Devon Kippen, Mike Gaucher, Ian Reid, Ryan Brown, Kyle MacDonald, Tyler Hazelaar, Jared Galway, Yanik Potvin, Tommy Bailey, Danick Sylvestre, Tyson Slinger, Francois Belair, Dustin Bode, Justin Jodin, Mark Packer, Jeremie Goyette, Bruce Gregory, Caleb Saberin, Brittany Golden

Heat Winners: Mike Gaucher, Dustin Bode and Justin Jodin