In a night that saw some great racing in all classes, early season favorites are starting to emerge…

Brock Beattie took the early lead in the Box Stock First year feature, looking strong early, only to see as go away , as a spin off turn four would send him to the rear for the restart and hand the lead over to a hard charging Brandon Lazore. Lazore would continue to lead the rest of the was as he would take the checkers ahead of Adrianna Winters and Beattie.

In the Second year Box Stock event, Melcolm Banks would take the lead early, but saw Bryson Winters giving chase from the drop of the green. Winters would work the track well and take the lead by lap three. A lap six caution for debris from one of the machines would bunch up the field, but there was no stopping Winters, as he would go on, unopposed to take home his second win of the season over Banks and Declin Slinger.

The Rookie 2 Feature would get off to a rough start as half the field would wreck going into turn one. This set up a single file complete restart.Burke Davis would lead the first three laps before surrendering the top spot to Max Petro. Blayden Arquette would give chase and eventually wrestle the lead away from Petro on lap 12. Arequette seemed to be headed to win two of the young season, when lapped traffic on the last lap, would open the door for Petro to retake the lead in an exciting finish, seeing him cross the line first ahead of Arquette and Carson Jakielaszek.

Blake Smith would lead the Junior Sportsman feature and after a first lap caution, he would continue to lead to the halfway point, where Graysen Reddick would flex his muscle off turn two, taking over the top spot and go on to an impressive second win in a row, over Smith and Dylan Moore.

Next up was Junior Restricted and Brennan Moore would take the early lead off turn two from his fifth starting spot, bringing Braxton D’Alessio along with him. D’Alessio would take over the top spot off turn four on the third lap, Side by side and three wide racing through the field would contribute to two cautions in the race. D’Alessio and Moore would continue to pace the field to the checkers and the fight for third would would eventually be won by Trent Wallace.

The Stock Heavy feature saw Adam Bailey lead from the pole, while a caution on lap one would slow the pace early. On the restart Adam would get passed by Tim Bailey for the top spot. Another caution would bunch up the field as lap two was completed. Tim would lead through lap five as another caution would slow the field once more. Two and three wide racing on the restart, would last another couple of laps as the yellow flew once more on lap seven. Three wide racing would continue again on the restart and by lap 15, Raymond David would work into the top spot. Tim Bailey would lose the handle on turn four, shortly after in what appeared to be disaster for him and Zach Renaud. The two would touch, straighten Bailey out and see both continue on without incident. Lapped traffic would play a factor, as David struggled and Renaud took full advantage on lap 18 and go on to a second win over David and Brad Gipson.


Box Stock 1, Brandon Lazore, Adrianna Winters, Brock Beattie, Nathan Kouk

Box Stock 2, Bryson Winters, Melcolm Banks, Declin Slinger, Max McBride, Rhylan Poole

Rookie 2, Max Petro, Blayden Arquette, Carson Jakielaszek, Kyle Stewart, Elyana Petro, Brody Johnson, Landen Slinger, Burke Davis

Jr, Sportsman, Graysen Reddick, Blake Smith, Dylan Moore, Keegan Elliott, Savannah Parks

Jr. Restricted, Braxton D’Alessio, Brennan Moore, Trent Wallace, Jacob Herbison, Kalen Draper, Mason Barkley, Tyler Stewart, Noah Massey

Stock Heavy, Zach Renaud, Raymond David, Brad Gipson, Tim Bailey, Johnson Wilson, Randy Revelle, Mark Bailey, Xavier Perrin, Adam Bailey, Jeff Cledgette, Shawn Bolton.