Dylan and Brennan Moore Among A Number Of Breakthrough Winners

By Jim Bourdon

On a night that saw five new winners of the 2017 season, Dylan and Brennan Moore, took home wins in both Roookie divisions

…First up was the Box Sock First Year feature.Ethan Dobb was able to work his way to the number one position from the third starting position. In a race that saw two cautions. while Dobb was taking the checkers, the rest of the field tangled coming off the last turn. This led to an exciting finish that saw Rhylan Poole cross the line second ahead of Max McBride, Malcolm Banks and Carter Bingley.

Up next was the Box Stock Second Year feature. Keegan Elliott led the field to green, but it only took until turn 2 for the first caution to come out as Lachlan Anderson and Aiden Berry got together. On lap two The pair made contact again and the caution flew once again as Berry spun. As the race resumed on lap three, Bryson Winters spun while trying to wrestle the lead from Elliott. Elliott was able to continue to capture his first win of the season, follwed by Winters, who worked his way back from early troubles, Anderson, Comeau and Berry.

The Rookie 1 Feature saw Brron Greer make a daring three wide move on the start to get the lead. Six laps later, the lead would disappear as Trey Lauzon and Greer made contact causing the caution and handing the lead over to Dylan Moore.Lauzon would bring the caution out once more on lap 9 as he spun off turn 2. From the Moore was able to lead the rest of way holding off a charging Max Petro, Grayson Reddick, Barron Greer and Trey Lauzon.

In the Clone feature, Braxton Dalessio was able to make it four for four as he beat the machines of Trent Wallace and Jordan Wood to the checkers.

The Rookie two feature saw Brennan Moore looking to equal Dylan’s performance in the Rookie 1 feature. And charging from the number three staring position in a bold four wide move on the start, Moore was not to be denied! From there, he never looked back and was able to get to the checkers ahead of Kalen Draper, Landon Slinger, Kyle Stewart, Braydon Come

Mason Barkley led the field to the Junior Restricted Feature, but by turn 2, the lead belonged to Karson Malyon. A lap later the caution came out for the Mason Barkley machine. Noah Massey brought out another caution on lap 11 and on lap 12, Jacob Herbison brought out the caution as Zach Renaud was taking the lead. On lap 13 Massey and Herbison made contact bringing out the caution, once again. Karson Malyon spun on lap 14 as the whole field was battling for position coming to the finish. This set up a one lap shootout that saw some aggressive moves in the top five for the best possible finish. Renaud would beat Braxton Dalessio, Jayden Comeau, Jacob Herbison and Karson Malyon across the finish line.

Stock Light was led to the green by Xavier Perrin, who would lead early. The first caution flew for Chris Pryor on lap one. On lap four it came out again for the Evan Reynolds ride. After the restart, Perrin faced pressure in the form of Eric Castonguay. By lap six, Castonguay wrestled the lead away from Perrin. Things went from bad to worse for Perrin, as he was involved in cautions on laps, 10, 11 and 12.The final caution flew on lap 14 for Evan Reynolds, setting up a last lap shootout, Castonguay was not to be denied as he pick up win number three of the season ahead of Chris Pryer, who fought his way back to the front after early problems. Dylan Tinkler, Ethan Bressard and Evan Reynolds would round out the top five.

A pair of 17’s started on the front row of the Stock Heavy feature With Randy Revelle and Raymond David starting one, two. The first caution flew on the opening lap as the karts of Adam Bailey and Jason Schomberg tangled in turn two. David had already made his way to the lead and while the caution would fly twice more, David was able to lead flag to flag to pick up his fIrst win of the year over Randy Revelle, Mark Greer, Tim Bailey and Brett Horner.






Box Stock 1, Ethan Dobb, Rhylan Poole, Max McBride, Malcolm Banks, Carter Bingley

Box Stock 2, Keegan Elliott, Bryson Winters, Lachlan Anderson, Lucas Comeau, Aiden Berry

Rookie 1, Dylan Moore, Max Petro, Grayson Reddick, Barron Greer, Trey Lauzon, Burke Davis, Blake Smith

Clone, Braxton Dalessio, Trent Wallace, Jordan Wood

Rookie 2, Brennan Moore, Kalen Draper, Landon Slinger, Kyle Stewart, Braydon Comeau, Carson Jakielaszek, Elyana Petro

Junior Restricted, Zach Renaud, Braxton Dalessio, Trent Wallace (DQ), Jayden Comeau, Jacob Herbison, Karson Malyon, Mason Barkley, Branden Hudson, Tyler Stewart, Noah Massey

Stock Light, Eric Castonguay, Chris Pryer, Dylan Tinkler, Ethan Bressard, Evan Reynolds, Joey Massey, Xavier Perrin

Stock Heavy, Raymond David, Randy Revelle, Mark Greer, Tim Bailey, Brett Horner, Ryan Roth, Adam Bailey, Jason Schomberg, Mark Bailey, Steve Grabalowski (DNS), Shawn Bolton (DNS)