By Jim Bourdon

Nine classes were in action this Wednesday and some hard fought battles were witnessed to kick the season off…

In Box Stock 1, Brandon Lazore, would take the early lead but by lap three Brock Beattie would use a lapped kart to take the lead as the leaders were three wide off turn 2. But Lazore would regain the lead a lap later. A lap 5 red flag slowed the race as the 03 of Nathan Kouk was involved in an incident. When racing resumed, Lazore would go on, unopposed to capture the opening night victory, followed by Beattie and Adrianna Winters.

Melcolm Banks would lead the field to green in Box Stock 2. Two quick cautions on laps one and two involving Bryson Winters, put the young driver to the back twice. By lap 7, Winters, worked his way around Banks on the high side to take the lead and drive on to a well deserved win after early struggles. Banks was second, followed by Declan Slinger.

In the Rookie 1 feature, Lachlin Anderson, would lead early over Keegan Elliott, but by lap three, handling issues seemed to catch up with Anderson, as he would spin while leading. Elliott would assume the lead on the restart and the two would battle until lap 6, when Anderson would retake the lead for good, beating Elliott to the checkers.

The Rookie 2 feature Saw Braden Arquette lead from the start, with cautions slowing the feature six times. Each time, Arquette, not only held off all challengers, but was able to drive away each time. He was followed across the finish by, Max Petro, and   Carson Jakielaszek.

With three evenly matched drivers in Jr. Sportsman 1, this feature saw all three lead at different points. Blake Smith would lead from the drop of the green, Dylan Moore engaged in a heated battle with Grayson Reddick for second. Eventually Reddick would take the position and tangle with Smith, sending both to the rear for the lap 6 restart. Smith would take the lead a lap later, while Reddick would move to second the next lap. After laps of trying, Reddick was able to get around Smith and continue to the win  ahead of Smith and Moore.

The Jr. Sportsman 2 feature saw Jordan Wood go flag to flag ahead of Brennan Moore and Kyle Stewart.

Jayden Comeau would lead the Jr. Restricted field for the first four laps until Mason Barkley assumed the top spot. Comeau would re-assume the lead on lap 12. A late race caution would set up a one lap shootout. Comeau would take the win as contact would allow Tyler Stewart and Jacob Herbison to finish second and third, respectively, ahead of Barkley.

Dylan Crawford Took the lead early in the Stock Light feature. But he had his hands full with Zach Renaud. Eventually, the two would tangle on lap 10, sending both drivers to the rear of the field. This would put Eric Castonguay in the lead and after a lap, he would surrender the top spot to Trent Wallace. meanwhile Renaud was working his way through the field and by lap 14, he was able to work back around Wallace off turn 2 and hold on to capture the checkered flag ahead of Wallace and Crawford.

In Stock Heavy, Raymond David, won the feature in a dominant performance that saw Tim Bailey and Gipson run second and third respectively.

Complete Results

Box Stock 1

Brandon Lazore

Brock Beattie

Adrianna Winters

Carter Bingley

Nathan Kouk

Box Stock 2

Bryson Winters

Melcolm Banks

Declan Slinger

Max McBride

Rylan Poole

Rookie 1

Lachlin Anderson

Keegan Elliott

Rookie 2

Braden Arquette

Max Petro

Carson Jakeilaszek

Elyana Petro

Landen Slinger

Brady Johnson

Burke Davis

Jr Sportsman 1

Graysen Reddick

Blake Smith

Dylan Moore

Jr Sportsman 2

Jordan Wood

Brennan Moore

Kyle Stewart

Kalen Draper

Jr Restricted

Jayden Comeau

Tyler Stewart

Jacob Herbison

Mason Barkley

Noah Massey

Stock Light

Zach Renaud

Trent Wallace

Dylan Crawford

Eric Castonguay

Johnson Wilson

Stock Heavy

Raymond David

Tim Bailey

Brad Gipson

Randy Revelle

Adam Bailey

Shawn Bolton

Mark Bailey