With the kart track off for a month, there were a lot of drivers ready to get back to action this part Wednesday.

Aubree Lloyd was the early leader in the Box Stock 1 feature. But Johnny Crawford was fast, and by lap three, had worked his way around Lloyd to take over the lead. Two cautions would slow the race and set up a one lap shootout. But Crawford was not to be denied and would go on to cross the stripe ahead of Lloyd and Jackson Lennon.

In the Box Stock 2 feature, Russell Trickey would take the initial lead and seemed poised to go on to the win. while leading, Trickey would lose control of his machine and spin, ending his strong run. From there, it was Liam O’Connor assuming the lead on the restart and cruising to victory with Lily Walters in second and Trickey crossing in third.

Junior Clone 1 was all about Liam Pakenham. While this feature was slowed by yellows on four occasions, Pakenham was the class of the field and dominated, besting Reed David and Marc Alex, who would round out the podium.

Much like the previous feature, Box Stock Clone was a race where the pace was slowed several times, by caution. For Lily Walters, this did not seem to be an Issue. Leading from the drop of the green, Walters controlled the race and handle restarts masterfully. She would go on to take the checkers ahead of Russell Trickey and Owen Leroux.

Junior Clone 3 was a nail biter of a race! Connor Lemieux was the early race leader. But this was no cake walk. Elliott Stacey was doggedly pursuing the leader and challenging lap after lap. Around lap 10, Stacey would take advantage of lapped traffic to take over the lead. A lap later, Lemieux would return the favor and re-assume the top spot. The race would wind down with the duo continuing to battle for the win. As the white flag flew, Stacey would make a move to the inside and draw even, entering turn one. Lemieux would slam the door, sending Stacey into an implement tire. While Stacey continued, he would fall to fourth, Meanwhile, Lemieux took the win, with Avery Raabe coming home second and Brock Beattie in third.

Junior Sportsman Saw Russell Ardington take the early lead. By lap two, it was Reed David working to the front. Back-to-back cautions at laps nine and 10, would see David continue to pace the field. As the white flag flew, lapped traffic would become the deciding factor, as David would get caught up trying to pass a slower kart and Blake Gregory would take advantage to make the pass and take the win ahead of David and Liam Pakenham.

In Pro Clone action, Mark Christie was the early leader. A lap one yellow would immediately slow the pace. When resumed, Christie would once again lead the field. Another early caution would slow the race, yet again. As the action resumed, Randy Revelle would work his way to the top spot. But once again, the pace would be slowed by a caution. Now the race would see a change of pace as the rest of the feature would go green, Revelle would continue to lead as Madie Wallace had worked into the runner-up spot. The two would have a fantastic battle and on lap 14, Wallace would finally find a way around Revelle and into the lead. From there, Wallace went on to gap the field, Winning ahead of Revelle and Patrick Kundrinko.


Johnny Crawford
Aubree Lloyd
Jackson Lennon
Keaton Gifford
Jackson Hewitt
Liam Baldwin
Navaeh Badour
Calvin Celovsky
Robert Rory

Liam O’Connor
Lily Walters
Russell Trickey
Ace Decristoforo

Liam Pakenham
Reed David
Marc Alex
Mariloup Pilon
Haydin Oneil

Lily Walters
Russell Trickey
Owen Leroux
Carter Swank
Briele Benedict
Alexy Pilon
Liam O’Connor
Johnny Jodoin
Jackson Hewitt

Connor Lemieux
Avery Raabe
Brock Beattie
Elliott Stacey
Landon Ryan
Annabelle Potter
Ally Wilkinson

Blake Gregory
Reed David
Liam Pakenham
Jax Decristoforo
Russell Ardington
Skyla Perrin

Madie Wallace
Randy Revelle
Patrick Kundrinko
Randy Vandeligt
Mark Christie
Chris Lloyd
Bryan Pringle
Aiden Vandeligt
Mathieu Arsenault