By: Tim Baltz

With track championships locked up for the 2020 season on the Kart Track at the Brockville Ontario Speedway. The only goal in mind for all drivers on final points night was to get themselves another win, in some cases, some drivers were looking for their first win of the season. Wild action was in store for the3 evening.

In Box Stock Jace Menard had been following Colby Crawford nearly the entire season but on this night the roles were reversed. Menard jumped into the lead over Jayden Evans, Crawford, who flipped on the front stretch in his heat, and Caleb Morrow. Menard was the fastest driver on track, lapping karts at will. With the race going caution free Jace Menard never gave any driver a chance to breathe as he flat out dominated the 10-lap feature for his 2nd win of 2020. Colby Crawford’s 9 wins and a pair of runner-up finishes were more than enough to secure the title.

In the 15 lap Rookie feature Brock Beattie held the lead in the early laps over 2020 champion Elliott Stacey and Landen Menard. Beattie, who was not worried about points was looking to secure his 4th win of the season but behind the top two drivers Dylan Moore was on the move. Moore would get by Stacey with a nice move in turn two and immediately went after the leader. On the final lap Dylan Moore did all he could to get by but Brock Beattie was the driver in charge, leading all 15 laps for the win over Moore and Stacey, who’s third place run gave him the Rookie division championship.

Brennan Moore had all sorts of plans on taking his 9th feature win of the season in Jr. Restricted, but Madie Wallace must not have seen that memo, as she charged to the lead around Moore in the early laps. With a fast race track Madie Wallace was hammer down for the entire 15 lap event as she pulled away from Moore and Ayden VanDeligt. At the checkered flag Madie Wallace would claim her 2nd win of 2020. Brennan Moore, who had the division title locked up finished 2nd with VanDeligt crossing in 3rd.

A match race took place in the 12 lap Jr. Clone event as Vance Gray led the early laps over Tryson Francis. It appeared Gray was going to pull off a big win but Francis stayed right there to challenge. With 5 to go Tryson Francis would get by and driver on to secure the win. Blake Smith, who had moved on to the Sr. Clone ranks had a huge point lead and secured the divisional title.

Brennan Moore was shut out of victory lane earlier in the Jr Restricted feature but he was not about to let that happen in Sr. Clone as he charged by early pace setter Tristan Ladouceur. The top two had a great battle but Jordan Wood, who had to come from 5th on the grid was on the move as well. As the laps clicked off Tristan Ladouceur closed in on the leader Moore, who started to lose the handling for just a moment. With the white flag in the air the top two battled hard. As they came off turn 4 to the checkered Moore slipped and opened the door for Ladouceur as the they sprinted to the checkers. By inches, Brennan Moore was able to take his 4th win of the year over Tristan Ladouceur with Danny Francis having a great run to complete the podium. Jordan Wood claimed the Sr. Clone championship.

Stock Heavy was up to finish the regular season for a 20-lap event and would have it’s share of great action and some tense moments that made many in attendance hold their breath.

Ryan Lambert was looking to get back to victory lane for the first time since June as he took the lead from early leader Johnson Wilson with Tim Bailey running in third. Track champion in Stock Heavy Eric Dinelle was in search on his 4th win of the year but Tim Bailey was not about to give up a spot easily as they both staged a battle with Johnson Wilson. Ryan Lambert was running a great race as they reached halfway but Bailey and Dinelle were on the move to 2nd and 3rd, and the battle was on. With three laps to go a scary moment happened. While battling for 2nd Tim Bailey came off turn 4 too high and made hard contact with the wall sending him upside down and in front of traffic. With no place to go former division champion Randy Revelle slammed into Bailey’s kart causing him to flip also during the violent crash. The race was red flagged with Revelle and several other racers and officials rushing to Tim Bailey’s aid. Bailey was attended to by medical personnel and would be looked over by medical officials on site. Despite some bruising and some obvious sore spots, Tim Bailey would be ok as Revelle made repairs and would finish the remaining laps. After that scare the race went back to green As Ryan Lambert tried his best to hold off Eric Dinelle. The plan was successful as Ryan Lambert would notch his 2nd win of the year while Eric Dinelle’s runner up finish was good enough to claim the Stock Heavy championship, Brad Gipson had an up and down night but managed to finish up in spot number three at the checkers.

2020 regular season is now complete and now the action shifts to the annual Fall Karting Nationals on September 19th. Stay tuned to the speedway website at along with the track’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for all of the latest information on this great annual event. The staff and management would like to thank everyone who supported the karting program this season and made it a season to remember.

Box Stock- 10 laps
10- Jace Menard
85C- Colby Crawford
99- Jayden Evans
9- Caleb Morrow

Heat Winner- Jace Menard
2020 Champion- Colby Crawford

Rookie- 15 laps
80- Brock Beattie
35D- Dylan Moore
18- Elliott Stacey
10- Landen Menard
9- Summer Vallier
22- Nolan Chatten
3S- Savannah Parks
340- Adam Kouk
06- Avery Raabe

Heat Winners- Elliott Stacey and Brock Beattie
2020 Champion- Elliott Stacey

Jr. Restricted- 15 laps
17- Madie Wallace
35B- Brennan Moore
19A- Ayden VanDeligt

Heat Winner- Brennan Moore
2020 Champion- Brennan Moore

Jr. Clone- 12 laps
15- Tryson Francis
9- Vance Gray

Heat Winner- Tryson Francis
2020 Champion- Blake Smith

Sr. Clone- 15 laps
35B- Brennan Moore
92T- Tristan Ladouceur
19DB- Danny Francis
18X- Blake Smith
18J- Jordan Wood
19A- Ayden VanDeligt
18- Blayden Arquette
95- Riley Thompson

Heat Winners- Tristan Ladouceur and Jordan Wood
2020 Champion- Jordan Wood

Stock Heavy- 20 laps
41- Ryan Lambert
44- Eric Dinelle
99- Brad Gipson
98J- Johnson Wilson
3- Adam Bailey
17- Randy Revelle
6- Jeff Cledgett
85- Tim Bailey
3S- Sarah Parks

Heat Winners- Eric Dinelle and Brad Gipson
2020 Champion- Eric Dinelle