Happy Racing New year to everyone! After a successful practice we have been able to secure the right to go racing. So after talking with everyone that was at the practice, the general consensus was that we would make a temporary change to Friday night until the province allows the regular track to open up. This will allow folks from further away to join in the fun. Racing will start at 7pm on June 5th.

As always one-way radios are mandatory at Brockville.

Even though we get to race we need to have some paperwork that needs to be completed prior to race night given the current pandemic situation. Could you please email tigger@ripnet.com to get your copy sent to you. Current restrictions allow for a driver and four crew members/family for one hauler. Could you also please indicate in the email, the class you intend to be entered in, so we have numbers and can tailor the classes to make the night go smoother.
Social distancing is the flavour right now and we have to respect it. Masks are mandatory. I know it sucks, but I wore one for practice and it was super hot. At the end of the day it’s a privilege to go racing now so we need to adapt so we can all have fun.
As always should you have any questions/comment/concerns please don’t hesitate to email me at boskarting@outlook.com