Saturday May 28, 2016 as per 5.4 B in the 2016 Dirt Rule book

Races as directed. Any detour, redirection, mud puddle meandering, may result in disqualification or penalty
B.) The winner must weigh prior to any Winner’s Circle Interview or Presentation.
C.) Any detour to the scale, may result in loss of finish position or time. Should any car stop on the way to the Scales, and be touched by anyone other than a Race Official, the Driver may be disqualified. Any car not meeting the minimum weight, after the designated event will lose its time, and or finishing position from that event.
D.) The scales used for the event, provided by the series or the track, will be considered the official scales for the event.
E.) Scales will be available for any team to verify its car weight and determine the scale weight.
F.) Officials will allow a car to re-scale two times by pulling off scale and pulling back on. Reading of the third attempt will become the entered weight.
a. A flat tire may be changed with a similar wheel and tire where a tire is flat when approaching the scale at the discretion of the head technical official.

The 74 Modified of Matt Billings did not do the post race inspection immediately following his race. As a result he has been fined and given last place points and money.